Skipping Stones in Sankt Pölten (Part 1)

This past week was a bit of a departure from our normal schedule. We drove from Germany to Austria for the first time in years to attend the Antioch Network Council Meeting in Sankt Pölten, Austria. The Antioch Network is a ministry that grew out of a desire in a group of American missionaries and„Skipping Stones in Sankt Pölten (Part 1)“ weiterlesen

The Good Shepherd of Ezekiel 34

„The God of the Old Testament is so different from the Jesus of the New Testament.“ If you have ever talked to anyone about the Bible, Christianity, or the relationship between Judaism and Christianity, you´ve probably heard this assertion at least once in your life. In my own experience, the statement has been used to„The Good Shepherd of Ezekiel 34“ weiterlesen

Karwoche 2023

Karwoche 2023 That would be the German word for „Easter Week“. The „Kar“ in „Karwoche“ does not mean “Easter” but instead “sorrowful, sad”. It certainly sets a somber and mournful tone for the week as we commemorate the trial, execution, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Appropriate sorrow for our falling short of the glory of„Karwoche 2023“ weiterlesen

An old Vine

Today is an important day in the life of my grapevine: the sap begins to run and pours out in clear, sparkling drops onto the paving stones below. I had already started to trim a few of the dead winter branches away, and I love to run my finger over the cuts I have made„An old Vine“ weiterlesen

The Search for Wisdom

“But where can wisdom be found? And where is the place of understanding? Man does not know its value, Nor is it found in the land of the living.” (Job 28:12) On an ordinary Wednesday morning, a young mother prayed for the German government with this passage on her heart. She said, “sometimes we just„The Search for Wisdom“ weiterlesen

Praying for your Enemies. For real. During a War.

I began writing this entry on the anniversary of the Russo-Urkainian War´s beginning. For some context: Over the last year, we have been regularly praying for both countries and providing what relief we could in both the Gebetshaus and Koinonia. With that in mind: If you are a Generation Xer in the west, you grew„Praying for your Enemies. For real. During a War.“ weiterlesen

Reflections on the Chosen Season 3

German billboard for The Chosen. “You´ll see him when you´re dead. Or now. The Chosen. The series that changes everything, now on Bible TV.” Photograph taken right here in little ol´ Biburg, near Augsburg. The Christian streaming series The Chosen has now completed its third season on streaming services, available now on The Chosen App,„Reflections on the Chosen Season 3“ weiterlesen

Mourning with those who Mourn- Even When They are Your Enemies

This first full week of February began here in Europe with news of the massive earthquake afflicting southeastern and northwest Syria. As of this writing, the death toll has exceeded 25,000 as of Sunday evening the 12th, and the number of injured has exceeded 75,000. Both numbers are expected to increase in the next days„Mourning with those who Mourn- Even When They are Your Enemies“ weiterlesen

“If only for this life…

…we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied.” (1 Corinthians 15:19). We have in the last two weeks received sudden and hard reminders to keep our hearts on our eternal hope in Jesus the Messiah, and that this world is not our “forever home” to use a phrase common„“If only for this life…“ weiterlesen