Adoption Means Forever

My daughter’s birthday was this month. She just turned fourteen, and all those songs, poems, stories and visual dramas treating the pathos of the passage of time in the lives of our children, they are all true. The day before yesterday, she would fit on my forearm. Yesterday she started school in Germany. Three seconds„Adoption Means Forever“ weiterlesen

Germans, Faith and the Recent Crisis

It was only about six weeks after we had arrived in Bavaria back in 2015 that the Syrian Refugee Crisis began. Right here and right now, I have no intention of going into the politics of the decision to admit a shade over a million unvetted persons who claimed to be fleeing the Assad regime„Germans, Faith and the Recent Crisis“ weiterlesen

The Chosen Controversies (Season 2 spoilers abound, be warned)

The streaming series The Chosen has taken the internet–at least the Christian corners of the internet– by storm, though it has remained largely unnoticed by the non-Christian media audience. It raised the funding for its first and now second seasons entirely through crowdfunding and overwhelmingly online. The results produced from that funding have been extraordinarily„The Chosen Controversies (Season 2 spoilers abound, be warned)“ weiterlesen

Departures V: From Austin to the Alpenvorraum

„Then coming to the borders of Mysia, they headed north for the province of Bithynia, but again the Spirit of Jesus did not allow them to go there.„  Acts 16:17 In a previous post, I wrote that, practically from the moment that I had learned that there was a 24/7 house of prayer in Germany,„Departures V: From Austin to the Alpenvorraum“ weiterlesen

Departures IV: Whoever has left….

In an earlier post, I described how we had received the call to come to Germany to serve the Lord in the ministry of reconciliation with Wittenberg 2017 and join in the 24/7 prayer movement in person at the Augsburg Gebetshaus. That was in the spring of 2015 and followed on nearly three years of„Departures IV: Whoever has left….“ weiterlesen

The Cost of Meaning

“Aim at something. Discipline yourself. Or suffer the consequence. What is that consequence? All the suffering of life without any of the meaning. Is there a better description of Hell?” -Jordan B. Peterson No, I don’t think there is. Which is yet another reason why I find the appeal to the “Problem of Evil” as„The Cost of Meaning“ weiterlesen

My Problems with the Alleged Problem of Evil (Continued )

I’ve heard it most of my life- from the teen years on, certainly, and maybe before that, the “Theodicy Problem” or in particular the so-called “Argument from Evil”.  Just to make sure every reader knows what I am writing about here, the customary formulation of the problem, from Epicurus to Hume to the New Atheists,„My Problems with the Alleged Problem of Evil (Continued )“ weiterlesen

Departures III: One of My Problems with the Alleged Problem of Evil

„If Jesus only heals me in Heaven, he still heals me. And what happens? I’m with the one who is love, right now, here. And if I die, I go to him face to face forever.“ If you don’t live in the German-Speaking world, you most likely have not heard of Philip Mickenbecker- seen above„Departures III: One of My Problems with the Alleged Problem of Evil“ weiterlesen