Faith, Healing and Medical Conditions, Past and Present

Medieval stone relief depicting Jesus as the Good Shepherd, Volkenroda Abbey

Back in 2019, I broke my left leg. It was a vertical fracture of the tibia. The fun part? This happened about fifty hours before we were to fly to Indiana and Texas on a „U.S. Tour“. The subsequent immobililty the broken leg imposed on me caused a deep vein thrombosis to form, a very pronounced one. I was alreaday taking blood thinner, Heparin, prophylatically. So, something else was up. Treating the DVT back then led to having blood work done, and that led discovery that I am a mutant.

No. Really. I have a gene mutation that causes my blood to coagulate more readily than it should. We call this „thrombophylia“. So, I tend to form thromboses if I am immobile too long…like, say, when writing. Which I do for a living. Yes, this can be treated with blood thinners, but they have their own risks. And my doctor has been willing to work with me to find out if I can live without them.

The answer, based on today’s medical finding is a very clear „NEIN“. Right now, I’ve got a four-level thrombosis with the blockage points starting in the hip, femoral artery, back of my knee and middle of the left calf. The thrombosis seems not to be as pronounced as the last one insofar as the doctor examining me did not exclaim „Mein Gott! Es kommt kaum Blut durch.“ („My God! Hardly any blood is getting through.“) And I am on blood thinner again. Eliquis this time. 5mg twice daily.

This is not the first time I have had a chronic health condition. As a child and until a few years ago, I had an atrio-ventricular heart defect. I remember praying to be healed from it several times in my childhood, and that prayer was not answered for some years. That event I wrote about here (about 2/3 through the text):

“Do a blog entry about supernatural healing and rationality.”

What I elided for reasons of space in that account was that for the longest swathe of my life, the heart murmur had been something every single doctor I visited remarked on, that my parents and other relatives constantly worried about, often in my presence. Their anxieties about my conditions did cause me some anxiety, more about them than me really. It was just damned annoying. „If you cough any harder, you’ll have a heart attack!“ „Are you sure you should be doing that? Your heart, remember?“ or „Now this might be scary, so remember Johnny’s heart,“ and similar comments muttered when mom, aunt Doris, an older cousin or some teacher thought it had to be said. And these constant reminders went on well into my late teens. Taking the wise medical precautions attendant to that condition was necessary for most of my life. Now, I have a new set of precautions to observe. But, the same God who healed me and preserved me can preserve me again and heal me again. So, please do pray for healing and protection.

I will write more about this in the near future.

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Pro-lifer, Charismatic Christian who has been in the 24/7 prayer movement since 2008, bass player, translator, writer, father, husband, affiliated with a variety of ministries in Europe. Note that all views, opinions and thoughts expressed here reflect my own convictions, persuasions and ideas, not necessarily those of any ministry, political organization, secret cabal or other body, club or agency to which I do, may or could have belonged or been associated.

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